Why Use American Nanny Company?

As an agency we do high level vetting and screening, freeing up the client to explore other aspects of the candidate’s eligibility. Our nannies are of the highest caliber and understand what it is to be a professional adjunct to a busy family.

Our search is a personalized one, tailored to the needs, preferences and job descriptions of our clients.

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Below are several of the nannies "currently" available at the American Nanny Company. To receive more information or make an inquiry about a particular nanny, click here.

Superstar Sandra H LO Boston & Burbs
With 3 long-term nanny positions and a passion for working w. children of all ages & their parents Sandra is a MUST meet type of ANC candidate. Available in September & willing to go to Chestnut Hill, Newton, Needham, Wellesley, Brookline, Wellesley etc.
Nicole A- with a nursing background! L0
What a winner we have in Nicole and you could too! She comes with 14 years of preschool and nanny experience. Lives in Rockland, Ma and used to travelling long distances for the right family. Excellent with babies and toddlers.
Experienced, Loving LO Norma, Ma
Norma is warm, experienced and very smart. She loves working with babies & toddlers. Looking for FT or 2 or 3 days a week. Lives in Newton & will travel neighboring towns. She is wonderful!!!
Mary Could Be Your Perfect Nanny LO
Mary lives in Marlboro,Mass and is a career nanny seeking a Pt/Ft job close to Marlboro. She is incredibly exp, caring, developmentally savvy and passionate about working w. children & parents. Peace of Mind will be yours.
LO Super Nanny & Super Great. BOS/BKline
Lindsey is phenomenal and gifted with infants and infant twins. Warm, smart, developmentally savvy and proactive. A gem available ASAP. 10 years of experience.
Rebecca is a GEM LO ASAP
Has held 2 long-term successful jobs and exudes warmth, energy and passion for working w/ kids. Rebecca seeks another long term and FT job within commuting distance of Norwood. You will love her.
Dedicated Educator LO Nanny Boston Area
Karen is a devoted educator and parent who understands the needs of dual career parent with young children. Very loving, proactive and developmentally savvy. Calm and caring. She will make a huge difference in your life.
Sandra F available in May FT LO
Warm loving, experienced loves to work, lives in Waltham, loves all ages, very responsible and trustworthy. Don't miss Sandra she is the salt of the earth.
Experienced LO nanny Sueli July
Sueli is an absolute gem. She is a career nanny who is bright dedicated, flexible, resourceful and very nurturing. She has been with her current family for 5 years and hopes to find another family that's just as great.
Esteemed LO Nanny for Cambdrige area
Venola is a bright, compassionate, reliable, care giver with so much warmth and passion. We have placed her successfully many times over the years and is available now
Joy will bring joy to your family ASAP
Being a nanny has been a big part of Joy's life and she hopes to find a long term LO or LI job Boston, Camb or Brookline. Needs T accessible Avail ASAP She is amazing.
Career Nanny Suzana Bos, Bklne, Newton
Also south shore as she lives in Weymouth. Has 8 years of experience and seeks a family with younger children to start out with. She is dedicated, patient and loving and available ASAP LO
Jennifer G LO Newt, Welles, Needham, etc
Jennifer has so much to offer to a family with young children. She has worked at Bright Horizons with infants, as a nanny and other daycare centers. Available ASAP and has so much good experience and heart.
Christy D LO Nanny Amesbury, Ma
Christy has so much warmth, experience and compassion and hopes to find a wonderful job in Boston or in the suburbs. She loves ages newborn to 5 and wants a full time job. She is available ASAP and hopes to find a great match.

To receive more information or make an inquiry about a particular nanny, click here.

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