Why Use American Nanny Company?

As an agency we do high level vetting and screening, freeing up the client to explore other aspects of the candidate’s eligibility. Our nannies are of the highest caliber and understand what it is to be a professional adjunct to a busy family.

Our search is a personalized one, tailored to the needs, preferences and job descriptions of our clients.

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Below are several of the nannies "currently" available at the American Nanny Company. To receive more information or make an inquiry about a particular nanny, click here.

Lida Loves Children!
Lida has come to us looking for her 4th family to be with. She has an extensive history with children and wants to run around with yours as she is active and loves playing.
Venola! For Cambridge and Brookline!
With years of experience, Venola is wonderful! She is looking for another family to grow with, ages infant-12. We would love to tell you more about her!
Amy comes to us with years of nanny experience. She's open to ages and is big on communication. Call us today about her!
Littles! Shanti Loves the Littles!
Shanti is looking for a baby or younger child, or two, to snuggle and foster development and growth. She also has a B.A. in Psychology! Calm and loving, she would be a great addition to a family!
Nicole A- with a nursing background!
What a winner we have in Nicole and you could too! She comes with 14 years of preschool and nanny experience. She's looking forward to meeting her next family!
Great Baby Nurse avail Late Sept. Boston
Kasey has years of experience as a nanny and as a baby nurse. Her passion is helping parents out with a new baby. She seeks a baby nurse position for late September and can do 24/7 or Overnights.
Mahin - Confident & Experienced L/O
Mahin was most recently placed with one of our families in Wellesley. She worked with a young boy & he loved her! Mahin loves watching the children grow and develop and is looking for a long term commitment. Call her today!
Gregge- Long Term Nanny Looking!
Gregge has been with a family for years and would like to find another family to be with. She is looking for a younger set to grow with so if you are a family near Boston, reach out!

To receive more information or make an inquiry about a particular nanny, click here.

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