Why Use American Nanny Company?

As an agency we do high level vetting and screening, freeing up the client to explore other aspects of the candidate’s eligibility. Our nannies are of the highest caliber and understand what it is to be a professional adjunct to a busy family.

Our search is a personalized one, tailored to the needs, preferences and job descriptions of our clients.

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Below are several of the nannies "currently" available at the American Nanny Company. To receive more information or make an inquiry about a particular nanny, click here.

A Favorite is Back! Jill Z!
Jill has come back to look for another family to join. Very warm and experienced, she is recommended without reservation by her employer. Ask us about her!
Venola! For Cambridge and Brookline!
With years of experience, Venola is wonderful! She is looking for another family to grow with, ages infant-12. We would love to tell you more about her!
Donna - Authentic & Seasoned - 15-20 Hrs
Donna has been with her last family since 2007 and is a seasoned pro! Donna is dedicated, kind, and extremely dependable. Donna would love to start with an infant so she can grow with your family over the years. Don't miss out on her!
Babies! Shanti Loves Babies!
Shanti is looking for a baby, or two, to snuggle and foster development and growth. She also has a B.A. in psychology! Calm and loving, she would be a great addition to a family!
Maria M- Available Now!
Maria is back after being with a family since 2010 and is looking for 40-50 hours in the near Boston suburbs. Would work with a baby or older and travel with a family! Call today about her!
Gregge- Long Term Nanny Looking!
Gregge has been with a family for years and would like to find another family to be with. She is looking for a younger set to grow with so if you are a family near Boston, reach out!
Sheri G- Western Suburbs
Sheri is woooonderful! Very warm and caring with great references! Sheri is open on ages and would to commute as far to Wellesley from Millville. Call us today about her!
Elisabeth is Warm & Caring LO Boston Cam
We are thrilled to be working with Elisabeth. She seeks a FT Job ASAP and is extremely caring and experienced and fab with children. You will love her
Great Baby Nurse avail Late Sept. Boston
Kasey has years of experience as a nanny and as a baby nurse. Her passion is helping parents out with a new baby. She seeks a baby nurse position for late September and can do 24/7 or Overnights.
Mahin - Confident & Experienced L/O
Mahin was most recently placed with one of our families in Wellesley. She worked with a young boy & he loved her! Mahin loves watching the children grow and develop and is looking for a long term commitment. Call her today!

To receive more information or make an inquiry about a particular nanny, click here.

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