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Below are several of the nannies opportunities "currently" available at the American Nanny Company.

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Full Time Nanny for Toddler in Brookline
M-F 8-5 $20/hr. Looking for FT nanny interested in child development. 1.5 y.o. boy has some developmental delays.Driving to weekly physical and speech therapies and engage the child in fun and educational activities.
Placement Asst for ANC
We are seeking a placement counselor/asst 30 hours wk.Newton office. Must have great interpersonal skills, relevant experience and be able to work as a team. If interested write to
Full Time Nanny Brookline for 3 Kids
3 children ages 7, 5 and 2 need a fabulous nanny! Driving to activities and keeping the older children active. Looking for a kind, loving, smart career nanny. 40 hours MTTHF 1-8pm, W 7-7 $18-25/hour
Full Time Nanny/House Manager Brookline
Two girls 5&7. Grocery shopping, errand running, scheduling repairmen, all around keeping the home running smoothly. The family is looking to hire someone with a flexible schedule and the hours each day can be discussed with the family in more detail. $20
Newton Family seeks Nanny/HouseManager
Older girls 16 and 9 seek nanny to encourage and challenge them. Seeking out learning and leadership opportunities, helping to prepare for exams, and teaching manners and etiquette.Part time with occasional overnights when both parents are travelling or mo
Brookline Brother and Sister Need Nanny
M-F 12-7pm.$20-25/hour. Family has a car for the nanny to use during work hours. Must love school aged children. Help with HW. Active and creative after school. Excellent role model for 12&9 year olds.
Waban Nanny/ House Manager 30 hrs/wk
A 10 and 8 y.o. need nanny and the family needs help with House management. MWF 10-6, and T 1-6. Thursdays are off. $20-25/hour. Helping with afterschool activities, HW, meal prep, laundry and more.
Needham Nanny for Toddler and Newborn
M 7:30-11am, T 7:30-11am/3:30-7:30pm, W 7:30-11am, Th 7:30-7:30 and F 7:30-5 Up to $20/hour. All help with children, laundry, house tidy, organization. Mother will be home after a delivering the baby. There are some overnights available in Dec.
Nanny in Brookline for 2 Boys
22-28hrs but will add up to 40 hrs/wk with house management duties for the right candidate. Mandatory coverage is 6:30-9am and 2:30-6:30pm. Extra hours in between. Safe and Punctual! $23/hr
Newborn in Cambridge M-F 9-5
Baby girl is in need of a nanny to care for her. All focus on her well-being, happiness, safety and development. No laundry, cooking or housekeep expected. Infant experience needed. $18/hr
FT Nanny for Newborn in Weston
M-F 8-6 $23/hr. Newborn experience required. Knowledge of developmental milestones is important to family. Plan enriching and stimulating activities. Super cute baby girl!
Winchester Family 2 Kids need Nanny ASAP
7yo boy in school FT, 4yo girl in school till noon. M-F 12-630 $20-22/hr. More hours during school vacation and summer. Grocery shopping, laundry, and light meal prep required.
Nanny/ House Manager in Newton
M-F 7-6 $18-20/hr. 9yo and 7yo girls in school most of the day. Responsibilities include laundry, errands, homework help, meal prep, and keeping the house running smoothly.
Part Time Nanny in Weston for Twins
M-F part time, hrs TBD. $20-25/hr. Twin boy and girl. Looking for a nanny with patience and genuine care for children. All child related duties. Incorporate educational activities in and out of home.
Brookline Family needs Nanny
M-Th 1-7pm, F 1-5pm, and two nights a week. $20-25/hr. Help with health insurance.9yo girl and 7yo boy. Drive to activities, HW help, meal prep, laundry, grocery shopping, light house cleaning.
Darling 1 yr old girl Newton LO ASAP
Dual career couple seek highly experienced and loving nanny to work M-F 7:30-5:00. Salary 20-24 per hr. Also have a dog and a bonus if nanny spoke Hebrew but not mandatory. Great Opp!!!
Weston Family needs Full Time Nanny
M-F 12-8 $20-25/hr. Twin 6yo girls and 9yo boy need nanny to pick them up at school. Includes grocery shopping, errands, laundry, meal prep, play dates, and general tidying. Coordinate with morning nanny.
Weston Family, Part Time Morning help
Makes lunches and breakfast for 3 kids. Gets kids ready for school. Help with errands, laundry, making beds, and light vacuuming. Coordinate with afternoon nanny. M-F 7-11am. $20-25/hr
Brookline Family needs Nanny/HM
Flexible 40hr/wk. $22/hr. Looking someone who can keep a house running smoothly and is excellent with children. 7 and 5yo girls. Duties include errands, groceries, meal prep, laundry, manage house services.
Roslindale Nanny for Newborn
Family seeking caregiver for newborn. Someone who is patient, kind, trustworthy, and good at communication. M-Th 8-6 $16-18/hr
Wenham Family needs Multitasking Nanny
M 11-4 TW 7-4 Th545-4 F 6-4 $17-20/hr. 3yo girl and 1yo boy need nanny to take them on fun outings and stimulate their intellectual growth. Duties include kids laundry, pickup/drop-offs, kids meals and general tidying.

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