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Below are several of the nannies opportunities "currently" available at the American Nanny Company.

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Jamaica Plains Family Needs You ASAP
Cool family and their 8 yr. old twins &11 yr old seek a smart, exp, caring nanny to pick kids up from school, take to activities,help with homework. Shld be resp, punctual, energetic and good w. mutliple kids. M-Th 1-7:30 and F 2-6:30 $20 an hr.
Exp Nanny for great S.End Boston
Start the new year with an adorable 3 month girl and her dual career parents. Work MTW 8-4, Thur 10 and Fridays for 4 hours. Great care of baby; play, feeding, activities, keep log, salary 45K.
3 awesome kids in Newton ASAP
If you r exp, caring, active and kind this job is for you. Boys 6 & 3 & girl 2. M-f 11:30-7:30. Focus on kids & devel, activities. To and from school, meal prep for kids, food shopping. 20 an hour.
Fab Nanny for 3 days a Week Newton-ASAP
3 year old girl and baby due in February. Lovely couple seek a great nanny to become part of the family. Should be fun, exp, reliable, loving & caring. Kid care &driving T/Th & pick 3rd day. 20 an hour.
Teen Nanny/hsehold mngr Natick ASAP
Wonderful family &3teens seek competent, warm, mature nanny capable of setting boundaries. Pick up from school, homework help, 2 activities. grocery shopping. M-F 1 0r 2-6. 25-27 an hour.
LO Nanny For 3 month old Cambridge Mar1
Wonderful dual career couple on Harvard campus need a very experience, caring, responsible nanny with lots of infant experience. Focus on care of baby, engage, keep safe and facilitate growth/devel. TWF 9;30-6:30.18-20hr can add 3 addition hrs. Thur if des
LO Nanny for great Wellesley Family ASAP
8 girl, 5 boy & 1 month baby girl need a very loving and experienced nanny. MT 7:30-6:30 W 12-7 Th 7:30-6:30 Inf care, feeding, diapers, baths, play time. Older kid in school. 18-23 an hour
Infant Twins Boston March Start
Newborn twins. Help get twins on good sleep schedule, walks, play groups, activities, outings, walks, laundry and bottles. M-F 8-6. Applicant should have great experience,be intelligent, caring and have infant/multiples exp. 18-22 an hr.
5 Year old Twins Boston February
Dual career couple see a warm, caring nanny to drive kids to and from school, take kids to playgroups, do appropriate activities, kid laundry, meal prep/ M-F 1-7 20 an hour. Nanny should have the ability to set boundaries in a caring way.
Best Wellesley Fam Needs You. Feb Start
Bask in the most wonderful job with a focus on a darling 20 month old girl! Work M-F 7-6 and focus on snuggling, feeding, playing, socializing, activities & enriching outings. Be warm & lovable. 20 Plus per hour.
Infant Nanny for Sudbury
wonderful family looking for a loving, kind, honest nanny who enjoys working with infants and assisting with their growth and development. Duties include all aspects of babycare Hours will be M-Th 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. and F 8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m
Nanny Hsehld Mngr Weston, Ma March
Two wonderful girls 13 & 11 & their dual career parents seek a caring, organized, proactive & energetic nanny to work MTWF noon - 6:30. Th noon- 9:pm Schedule activities, kid laundry, grocery shopping, family cal, to dry cleaners. Salary very competiti
Top Notch Nanny for Cambridge ASAP
Experienced nanny for 6, 4 & 18 mos old. Loving, creative, warm & org M-F 7:30-5;30; Focus on care of kids, plan activities, school pick ups, light housework &errands.Understand early childhood development. Be proactive &responsible. 22 an hour.
Nanny/Household Manager Dover, Ma April
Warm and loving family and their 5 year old and 3 year old twin boy seek a very nurturing, organized and caring nanny. Focus is on care of and playing with boys. Cooking for them, activities and keeping their rooms picked up. M-f 7am-6pm. 20 an hour. Spani
Awesome Boston Fam Seeks Exp Nanny ASAP
3 and 2 year old boys seek very warm, engaging, caring nanny who loves working with children and provides a creative, supportive and loving day for the kids. Start ASAP M-Thursday 7-6 Salary 18-21 an hour. Should also be safety conscious and developmentall
Nanny Needed for Stow, Ma ASAP
Loving nanny needed for 6 and 3 year old. Should have good experience and be dedicated to working with children. M. 2:30-7, T. 7:30-6:30, W. 7:30-10:30 and Thur7:30-6:30. 15-20 an hour. Focus on care of kids and household management. Really great opportuni
Boston Fam Needs You LI /LO APRIL
Need a rock solid nanny with years of experience for 6, 4 & NB expected. General childcare, must be flexible to travel in summer. Hours would be M-F (40 hours a week.) They need two nannies so please if you are interested apply! Salary commensurate with ex
Great Family, Arlington, Anyone? April 1
The warmest dual career couple seeks great nanny to do afternoons (noon-6) with two fantastic girls ages 5 & 3. Focus on care, safely, support, growth & devel of the girls who are friendly, bright and joyful. Be creative and encouraging. 20 an hr.
Top Notch Nanny Hanover, NH September
We need an incredibly caring, exp and devoted career nanny to work w. delightful family. M. -F 7:30=5:30 Joyful 2 yr boy & newborn exp in April. Want long term and a nanny who takes pride in their work and who understands the needs of kids. 25 an hour. Da
Framingham, Anyone? Top Notch Nanny ASA
11 y.o girl and 2-5. her 1 y.o old brother and their dual career parents seek a fabulous nanny familiar with the Montesori principles and willing to work MTTh 7-5 and W 12-5. Focus on baby, help make baby food. 20-25 an hr.
11 year old twins Lexington ASAP
The warmest & most down to earth family seek a very loving, energetic nanny/household manager to work with b/g 11 y.o. twins and help with getting kids to/from school and hsehld management. Want long term and very experienced and invested. 20-25. MWF 7-9:1
Super Family Wellesley ASAP
Great dual career parents, 6.5, 5 & 3.5 boys need you! M-F 6:30-3:30. Be active, understand boy energy, be creative and experienced. 20 an hour. This is a fun and active family.
Have a heart. Concord, Ma March
Help wonderful mom and her 15 year old boy and 2 dogs and cats M-F 11-3 and sporadic overnights as a nanny/petwatcher and household manager. Be caring, involved, flex and understand teens and love animals. Salary commensurate w. exp.
Have 5 yrs nanny exp? JP Nanny MARCH
dual career couple 2 y.o. boy and 3 month old infant boy seek highly exp and caring nanny. MTHF 7:45-6:30 TW 7:45-1, Pick up older boy from daycare, baby care. Salary 18 an hour and up dependent on exp. Super family.
Top Notch Nanny for Back Bay Late March
Need a seasoned and loving nanny to care for precious newborn boy. M-F 8-6. Must have 5 years of newborn/todder exp and be developmentally savvy. This is their first child & parents seek guidance. Sal commensurate w. Experience.

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